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Reducing homelessness remains priority downtown, Ward 6 candidates say September 29, 2017 News
Edmonton downtown transportation alterations fuel municipal election debate September 29, 2017 News
Election 2017 questionnaire response: Scott McKeen, Ward 6 September 16, 2017 Other
Each candidate weighs in on Edmonton's struggle to locate low-income housing October 09, 2017 Survey
Campaign promises, council reality: How quickly can a city councillor expect to make significant change? October 08, 2017 Survey
Ward 6 candidates sound off on taxing vacant commercial land, derelict housing October 05, 2017 News
Property tax rate in spotlight for city council election candidates October 05, 2017 Survey
2017 Edmonton Election - EFCL Survey October 03, 2017 Survey
With 2 weeks to go, who are the bright lights in Edmonton's municipal election campaign? October 02, 2017 Other
Edmonton election: Experts watch for new partisan or protest votes to drive voter turnout October 16, 2017 News
Vibrant, hard-fought councillor races make up for lacklustre mayoral campaign October 14, 2017 News
Downtown has a lot riding on this election: Paradis October 13, 2017 News
In a world of $60 oil, how would candidates ensure Edmonton thrives? October 10, 2017 Survey
Debate over getting big money out of City of Edmonton politics resurfaces July 19, 2017 News
Diversity Magazine interviews N/A Other
Get to Know Your Candidates: Scott McKeen, Ward 6 N/A Survey
Edmonton Heritage Council Civic Election Survey N/A Survey

Other Candidates for Ward 06

Name Race Ward Email Phone Address Twitter Links
Bill Knight Councillor Ward 06 (780) 701-3456
Scott McKeen Councillor Ward 06 (780) 652-0826 11961 Jasper Ave NW scott_mckeen
Adil Pirbhai Councillor Ward 06 (780) 970-3061
Tish George Prouse Councillor Ward 06 (780) 328-2016 12008 Fort Road TishProuse