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Each candidate weighs in on Edmonton's struggle to locate low-income housing October 09, 2017 Survey
Campaign promises, council reality: How quickly can a city councillor expect to make significant change? October 08, 2017 Survey
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Orange Hub' highlights arts issues in Edmonton's election October 03, 2017 News
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In a world of $60 oil, how would candidates ensure Edmonton thrives? October 10, 2017 Survey
Edmonton Heritage Council Civic Election Survey N/A Survey

Other Candidates for Ward 01

Name Race Ward Email Phone Address Twitter Links
Randy Allen Councillor Ward 01
Reuben Avellana Councillor Ward 01 (780) 604-7008 AvellanaWard1
Andrew Knack Councillor Ward 01 (780) 932-7630 AndrewKnack
Dave Olivier Councillor Ward 01 (587) 982-3283 10525 162 STREET NW